Practitioners in Focus

Architects and model makers, who construct and use models in their everyday professional practice, have important stories to tell. In this growing collection of oral histories, we hear from a selected group of architects and model makers about what role models play in their work, the fascination for the models’ material qualities and the relationship with the digital dimension. We are told where they developed their skills and how they became involved in model making. We learn about what changes they have seen over time in the relationship between design practice and model making, and much more.

Audio files and transcripts of interviews, conducted by the Architectural Models Network and collaborators, are made available here. We hope to be able, over time, to build up a ‘library of voices’, which will help us better understand and document the world of contemporary architectural model making.


Henry Louth and Vishu Booshan

Dow Jones

Biba Dow and Alun Jones

Pipers Model Makers

Patrick McKeogh

Forensic Models

Alison Killing | Forensic Architecture

Models for Exhibition Design

Studio Mutt | Lucia Savi | Evonne Mackenzie

The Case for Models in Architectural Practice

Feilden Fowles | Stanton Williams