This elegant book explores the fascinating nature of the architectural model through 26 illustrated essays, one for each letter of the alphabet.


An exhibition and public programme opening in September 2021


The use of scale models in the education of architects has a chequered past.


The production of architectural models is entwined with the history of form building.


Whether physical or digital, made to scale or replicating elements at full size, throughout history models have often played a critical role for architects, clients, and the wider public in their conception and understanding of the built environment.


There is a myriad of ways in which architectural models are documented; from the production of highly sophisticated, cutting-edge 3D scans, to photography, to film, to textual description using controlled vocabularies.

Conservation / Storage

Conservation teams are responsible for the preventive and remedial treatments and scientific investigation of objects.

Practitioners in Focus

Architects and model makers, who construct and use models in their everyday professional practice, have important stories to tell.

Models in Focus

Architectural models can be found scattered in many diverse collections, and are not always easy to locate.

Events in Focus

Details of the main events run by the Architectural Models Network since its inception in September 2017.