The Giant Doll’s House Project workshop

Shape your Space! Taking a simple shoe box, and using fabric scraps, pieces of paper, lolly sticks, bottle caps, and sweet wrappers, the event-goers made boxes that reflected their experiences, emotions, and surroundings. Ranging from real or imagined spaces, the boxes were built individually or with friends and family. The boxes created were to be potentially used as conversation pieces, to tell stories, or just to look at. As inspiration, the box-makers began their journey by looking at our large model of Bloomsbury and thinking about what London meant to them.

The boxes went on display as part of the Shaping Space – Architectural Models Revealed exhibition.

The Giant Doll’s House project was the initiative of Catja de Haas and is run as part of her architectural practice.

This event was open to families, students and young people.