Exploring tacit learning through Architectural Model Making

Engaging with the key themes of Shaping Space: Architectural Models Revealed, we are inviting educators to explore architectural model making practices and their application in the classroom.

This online seminar is a mix of talks and a hands on making session. We explore themes of imaginative play, multiple modes of learning and how to encourage learners to discover environments through making. This session is designed for primary school educators and places emphasis on how to use making to support learner’s development, communication and creativity.

Join chair Rebecca Goozee, education designer and learning coordinator of Shaping Space in conversation with Michele Gregson general secretary and CEO of NSEAD. Michele has worked throughout her career with children, young people and educators in arts education and cultural settings. She firmly believes in the power of the collective – working together to make change through the arts.

The hands-on make along session is led by research and architect Catja De Haas. Catja is a qualified architect and the founder and director of Catja de Haas Architects which runs the Giant Dolls’ House Project, a social arts project that asks participants to engage with their personal surroundings through making a dolls’ house in a shoebox.

For the event you will need:

– Shoe box
– Card / coloured card
– Paper
– Clay / Plasticine
– Lolly sticks / craft sticks
– Wool / embroidery thread
– Tin foil
– Newspaper / magazines

– Glue
– Scissors
– Tape